Custom made Jewelry 

From the inception of an idea to the finished product, we specialize in every aspect of the jewelry-making process. 

Precious Moments Jewelers specializes in creating jewelry from scratch to suit your needs, often transforming an initial drawing or even a vague idea into a calculated and beautiful masterpiece.

Our two main priorities in a custom creation are building the order as closely as possible to the client's original vision, and maintaining cost efficiency minimizing the overall budget. Call us to discuss your idea or visit our store to share your vision. We can often begin work the very same day! 


The Process



This is the very first step of the custom making process of  any piece of jewelry. The idea could come from any design you see online, a magazine, or we could simply create a drawing based on your vision. This is the most important step since here is where we define your idea and conclude all the details before we start creating a computer made model or hand made wax depending on the nature of the design. 


In this process, we take all the information and details we gathered in the previous step, and continue to designing your vision in a computer software specialized in jewelry design. If the nature of the design requires it, we are also capable of creating the model by hand in wax form. You will be able to see the finished design in a software format before it gets printed in wax to be cast in the desired metal. 

Finished Wax 

Whether your idea is designed in a computer software or in a hand-made wax, the final outcome before casting will always be in a wax form. In this step, you will be able to see the actual size and detailed dimensions of your custom made jewelry. You will be able to hold the wax and even try it on. We want you to be completely satisfied in this process before the wax gets cast in the desired metal. 

Final Product

This is the final step of jewelry design. In this step, the wax gets cast in the desired metal, all the stones are set if the design features any, and ultimately the piece will be polished and prepared for delivery.